Monday, 2 June 2014

Oh what a wonderful weekend!

Hello lovelies, can I tell you I had the most wonderful weekend?  DH and I did something we haven't done in a very long time... spent the whole weekend together without kids!!!  It was just what we needed.  Fortunately we live in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia and the weather was just perfect on Saturday, a perfect autumn day.

We went on the magnificent Melbourne Star Observation Wheel (like a giant ferris wheel) , one of our cities newest attractions, and I'm so glad we did.

The view was absolutely breath taking.  Being suspended so so far above the ground was, I have to say, a little unnerving, particularly if you're not fond of heights.  But just take a look at these brilliant pics taken on my new camera!  I took so many photos, these are just some of them.  It's very hard to do this structure justice, its just enormous.

The wheel moves constantly, even while passengers are getting on and off, however its so smooth and slow that you barely notice that you are moving, just that the ground is moving further away.

A pod coming into the terminus.

Our pod is ready to board, gotta be quick though because they don't stop!

Leaving the terminus.

Here we go!

Going up up up!

Docklands Precinct.

The view looking towards the CBD.

Reaching the top of the wheel.  Scary but oh my, look at that view!

View of the port and the Westgate Bridge very faint in the distance.

Over the crest now and coming down the other side.

Coming back into the terminus.

Getting ready to disembark whilst in motion!

It was truly exhilarating and I highly recommend it to anyone living or visiting our beautiful city.  I've lived in Melbourne all my life and I have to say, there is always something interesting to do or see here.

This wonderful experience was followed by a late lunch at the nearby Harbourtown Hotel (always good) and a spot of shopping.  By this time the sun was starting to go down, and after some peanut butter and snickers bar ice-cream from Cold Rock, managed to capture these pics of the wheel at night, lit up in all her splendour.

Then it was time to head home for a night walk with our dog, and reach my 10,000 steps for the day.  A few months ago I bought myself a FitBit.  Marvelous little gadgets they are!  Mostly they track your steps for the day and encourage you to meet fitness goals.  I've started pushing myself to walk for 45mins to an hour everyday in an effort to lose about 25kg by the end of the year.   Ohhhh it seems so overwhelming at the moment, but I shall keep plugging away... walking more and eating less!

Sunday was another lovely day, although the weather turned for the worst and it drizzled for the majority of the day.  We were fortunate to have free movie tickets so went to see The Other Woman at the local cinemas.  Very funny movie, highly recommended.  We then had lunch at Schnitz, then a little bit of shopping, then home to yet again walk the neighbourhood.

As you can imagine, I didn't cook once for the whole weekend lol

Now, as for sewing, I received a request from BlanketLovez to make a star quilt for the Ronald McDonald House Star Room in Orange, NSW.  So I thought I would give this quilt by Bonnie Hunter a go.

I love the simplicity of it and I thought perhaps bright colours would be more appropriate for this quilt.  So I have been sewing away madly and double sewing the leftover triangles (as Bonnie recommends) so I will get another project out of these.

Blocks for the quilt

Bonus triangles!

Two birds with one stone... love it!

I laid out a couple of blocks just to see how it would look... so exciting.  I can't wait to lay all the blocks on the floor to see the larger effect.

As you can see I've used mostly tone on tone fabrics in rainbow colours.

Stay tuned for more pics as I progress.

Yours in Stitches

Leanne x

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